There are 10 ushers that serve this congregation to help the services run in a decent and orderly way. Some of the duties to accomplish this are:

  1. Be available to assist in all Church related functions, including funerals.
  2. Escort guests to seat during worship service.
  3. There are ushers station inside standing and sitting during worship services at various locations monitoring for:
  4. Available seating.
  5. Parents needing assistance with children.
  6. Attendees who may need medical assistance.
  7. The elderly and handicap that may need assistance.
  8. Ushers are responsible for escorting attendees to safety exits in case of emergency such as fire and tornado conditions.
  9. Collecting communion trays at the end of worship service.

Behind the Scene Duties:

  1. Monitor parking lot and church building for safety reasons.
  2. There are times when members get sick or have medical problems that need immediate attention before they get into worship service as well as during worship service and the ushers work with the head of the church medical staff to know who is on duty.
  3. There have been many serious situations that have come up that required the services of the ushers.
  4. There are emergency phone calls that need immediate attention.
  5. Ushers know what to do in case there is a need for a fire or tornado evacuation.
  6. Ushers have a huge responsibility and we know how to do our job and we do it


We have approximately 30 greeters whose duties begin before worship until after scripture and prayer. The male greeter opens the door and greets the people as they come in and the female hands out bulletins, has visitors fill out a visitor’s card, gives them a visitor’s packet and writes their name in the guest book. Some visitors prefer not to fill out a card. The cards are then given to the elder of the day for visitor recognition.


Sis. Terry Hervey uses the visitors cards to send letters to those who have visited our services. The letters mention the material in the visitors packets and thanks the guest for their visit and invites them to come again.

There were 100 visitors letters mailed out in 2013: 71 out of town and 29 to in town guest.

All of these workers do a great job, and I could use some more male greeters.

Jerry Shine – Coordinator

Rickey Nelson – Assistant Coordinator